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Insoles by Barrunning

MTP Force Application insoles

MTP Force Application insoles

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Force Application Insoles are Specially designed to provide space for the area of the foot under metatarsal 2-4. Using Kevlar composite and strategically placed outsole154. This insole is design for the active person and the person that stands a lot.

Promotes natural walking and running movement from the feet up. 

Allows the athletic user to feel when force is being applied when running and jumping. 

Have tight hips and/or low back pain? Are you moving off of the transverse arch or the big toe? Does your foot roll while your tibia pitches? 

These insoles eliminate pronation of the foot and inhibits pressuring off the big toe. Those two items can cause tight hips, low back pain, achilles flare ups or plantar fasciitis. 

Do your feet ever feel uncomfortable? Or do you ever get discomfort under the ball of your foot, between the 2-4 toe, that you can’t quite shake, no matter how you shift your weight?


What your foot is in contact with in the bottom of your shoe determines how you move. 


One way to change the internal environment of the shoe so that you have more even weight distribution throughout your foot is by using an insole specifically designed to provide the best sensory feedback possible to the bottom of the foot. When you shift the weight in your foot, you shift the pressure that’s on the bottom of your foot. 


This not only allows you to use your foot in a more efficient way, it shifts sensation and how your foot feels.


neuroma, diabetes, foot pain, 

Double thick insole. 8mm to 10mm thick forefoot region and 10mm to 15mm thick heel region versus the standard 2-4mm thick insole.  Promote natural walking and running while wearing shoes.


If you have questions please schedule a video chat consultation. 



Carbon fiber Outsole 154 sandwich in between.


Barefoot arch technology 

Piling technology 

Triangle technology 

MTP joint engagement technology 

A profound and unique gait experience.

The best all around insole.

Come in package of 2 or 4. 

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