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Insoles by Barrunning

Custom Barefoot Outsole 154

Custom Barefoot Outsole 154

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Custom Outsole 154

The Custom Outsole 154 is a new product designed to enhance your foot experience from Insoles by Barrunning. It can used to completely supplant your current insole, or it can be used in addition to your current insole.

 The Custom Outsole 154 has Piling Technology. Piling Technology refers to the endpoint of the arches of the foot being anchored to the ground. This provides stability information to the brain, allowing you to feel more secure which enhances your brains ability to make movement decisions.

It also has barefoot sole technology.  Giving you a barefoot experience based on the primary function of the foot is to roll along with the heel and forefoot being able to articulate. 

 Each Custom Outsole 154 has seven pilings molded into the carbon fiber, specifically designed to match up to the stability needs of your foot.


The Custom Outsole 154 is the information your brain seeks. It comes as three separate pieces, all with a unique function.


The carbon fiber base layer acts as a bedrock for your foot. It provides the foot with a solid surface to respond to, engaging the second toe. The feeling of the solid surface provides your brain with valuable feedback, allowing you to respond and move.


The foam

s placed between the two carbon fiber pieces in order to speed up the foots rate of deceleration without reducing the effect of cushioning.


The kevlar and texturized rubber


The Custom Outsole 154 is approximately 1.88 mm tall without the foam middle. The foam middle is 3 mm thick. If you use all three parts of the Outsole 154, the total stack height is approximately 3.88 mm. If your foot fits in the shoe, the Outsole 154 will fit the shoe.

Note The outsole154 is designed to be used in one pair of shoes. If you plan on using in more than one pair of shoes then you will need extra base inserts. The outsole154 can easily be switched from one shoe to another but the carbon fiber base can not. 


Why the wet trace?

The Wet Trace
The wet trace is a trace out of your foot when it’s wet. It is critical for the quality of the fit of the Outsole 154.

To perform the wet trace:
• Wet the bottom of your feet
• Place the bottom of your feet on a white pieces of paper (one for the left foot, one for the right foot)
• Take a pen and trace out the wet outline of each foot

Don’t worry that the traces of your feet aren’t identical. That means you are normal (it is extremely rare to use the right foot exactly the same way as the left foot). The wet trace is like your fingerprint—it reveals your unique foot imprint.

The trace out of your feet is how we will create your custom mold—the Outsole 154 you receive is a custom product based on the wet trace.
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